“ Pursuant to Statute of Foundation Professor Borislav Lorenc, Steering Committee publishes on April 30th 2023  


for awarding grants to the best students of school year 2023/2024


Foundation awards grants in amount of EUR 1000 to 1500 per month that shall be used for financing costs of studies and accommodation during an educational or a research program at foreign faculties and other educational institutions.
Grants can be used exclusively for financing costs of stay and studies on a chosen foreign faculty/educational institution (e.g. meals, accommodation, etc.) in a period of at least one month and at most three months.


Terms for obtaining grant 
Students qualified to apply to the present Grant Competition are students on the final year of undergraduate studies and students on graduate studies of psychology and cognitive sciences from any University founded by Republic of Serbia, above average grade of 8.5

Application must include the following:
1. Application form (from the foundation's site)
2. Applicant`s resume with bibliography, provided that his work has been published
3. Transcripts of grades from all coursework and certificate on average grade from the overall studies
4. Recommendation from the mentor or a professor from the applicant’s faculty
5. Elaborated plan of the study visit for which the applicant pretends to a grant, along with the information on: 

  • - the institution on which the applicant intends to enroll to a program / participate in a scientific research
  • - the duration of the program / scientific research at hand (in semesters)
  • - the evaluation of overall costs of the program / scientific research at hand

6. Recommendation from the mentor at the foreign faculty/educational institution or scientific/research institution expressing willingness to accept the applicant  

Applicants may submit their applications from April 30th until August 30th. september 2023. Incomplete and late applications will not be taken into account.  
For more details in respect of procedure rules candidates may refer to the Foundation’s Statute on the website

Requested documentation should be delivered in person or by mail on the following address:
University of Belgrade 
Faculty of philosophy
Foundation Professor Borislav Lorenc (cabinet 255)
Čika Ljubina 18-20

or by e-mail to:


If you deliver the documentation in person or by mail, you can do so in the period from April 30th to July 14th 2023, and from August 21th until September 30th, due to the collective vacation of the employees at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Selection decision
Decision on selection of grant awarded applicants shall be announced on the notice-board and the website of the Faculty of philosophy in Belgrade and on the website of the Foundation.

Contact person for more information

Milica Vukelić  

Administrator of Foundation   

Phone number: + 381 11 3206 144 ”

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