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The main purpose of the Foundation ~Professor Borislav Lorenc~ is to support outstanding students of psychology and cognitive sciences by
providing them means to acquire international research experience and enter faster into scientific networks.


Foundation~Professor Borislav Lorenc~ awards grants to students of psychology and cognitive sciences on undergraduate, master or doctoral studies, from all state-owned universities in Serbia, who have demonstrated excellent skills and potential during their studies. The grant aims to make it possible for them to spend one or two semesters (depending on financial circumstances) on a foreign faculty and/or educational center, through students exchange programs, vocational programs or other similar programs.


The Foundation preserves the memory of Borislav Lorenc (1883-1975), philosopher and professor at the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade, whose most important works include ''Psychology'' 1926, ''Thought and action'' 1930 and ''Psychology and philosophy of religion'' 1939.





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