Biography of Professor Borislav Lorenc





Borislav Lorenc was born in 1883 in Aranđelovac to a Polish father, an MD by profession, and a Serbian mother. He lost both his parents early in life - mother at the age of two and father at the age of seven - so he was raised by relatives. He attended elementary school in Valjevo and senior high school in Belgrade. Upon completion, he left to study philosophy at University of Berlin, Germany, where he was awarded the
degree of "doctor of sciences" in 1908. He returned to Serbia the same year. For some time he was working as a gymnasium professor but very soon was appointed a professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of University of Skopje. Soon thereafter he left for Belgrade to take the post of a professor at the newly opened Faculty of Theology, where he has been teaching the rest of his active carreer, until retirement in 1956.


In 1919 Professor Lorenc married Danica nee Jankovic, a daughter of general Bozidar Jankovic. In 1927 they moved into a newly built house at 10 Ljube Stojanovica, Belgrade, where they have spent the rest of their days. Professor Lorenc passed away in 1975 and his spouse in 1987. The house bears today a plaque commemorating Professor Lorenc.



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